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Stop replacing MY cover with a non-related Yahoo generic cover; STOP recoloring my cover in purple

I have been posting covers on my Neotized group since last December with NO PROBLEMS. I had a good, group theme related cover on the group's website since June 1 that had been removed by Yahoo when I went to my group last night (7/14) my cover with dogs was gone from my dog breed group. In it's place was an obvious Yahoo generic cover with a bunch of teenager jumping in the air... totally non-related to a dog group.

I've been to my group page regularly, and so I know this change was made recently, within the last few days. If Yahoo lost MY cover photo in some data loss, they should have contacted me to request I re-upload my cover.

To make things worse, when I uploaded a new cover, although it looked fine to me upon upload, when I left the group and returned to the group, I found Yahoo has RECOLORED my photo of 3 dogs on a sandy beach in front of blue sky with all greens and purples. It's DISGUSTING and ruins the viewability of the photo.

I've now re-uploaded the photo 3 times and EVERY TIME, Yahoo recolors it in greens and purples. I have screen captures I'd be happy to provide if Yahoo provided a place to do bug reports from the gear icon on my info page.

This bug needs to be FIXED and FAST!

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    I've given up on trying to keep a decent photo on most of my groups. Just about the time all seems to be working, Yahoo messes it up again!

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