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Database - search (+ special letters)

It seems like the search possibility in the Database not are working. I was planning to fix some of the errors in the table myself, but it didn´t work for any search.
I have waited about 2-3 years for that the issue with special letters should be fixed, and it seems like it is - more or less - but still in our Database there are some issue. (This problem started long before NEO in another update).
I thought I should fix it myself and tried to seach the letter -ř - to change it to the correct one. This is only one of the letters appearing in the database that are not correct. I have read the issue is fixed, and it might be for french, but not for norwegian.

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    for French we do have the correct accented characters, but the columns in the database disappear when we enter new data !!!
    we still cannot use them...

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    IT is still not fixed, although all database posts have been merged about 2 or 3 months ago, and they said they would look into it
    NADA !

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