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Calendars with VERY few changes annually nearly always display "Your access to this calendar is being processed. Please check back later."

Calendars I maintain, which may see a few (2-4 typically) changes ANNUALLY, so often display the above message. Often the time required to view the calendar is not minutes, hours or days but MONTHS. Why is something so simple so unreliable when in prior releases this message was never seen or needed? Please unbreak it and consult with your free advisory community before you have insight into the damage you're hitting your total customer base with. This impacts not just the moderators but many of the members as well. Sales Basics: Don't needlessly tick off your customers.

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  • kmchow commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I update our group calendar every month or two, and this is the first time I've signed on to see that my calendar is being processed. What is that? And why are my reminders often not delivered? I dislike how unreliable yahoogroups has become in recent years, but unfortunately other systems don't provide the options we've found here.

  • Calvin Mjolsness commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Still getting the 'calendar being processed' message. I am a member of 2 Yahoo Groups.and, until recently, did not have a problem with event calendar access. However, one (1 of 2) of my group calendars is now showing the above related 'access' message. Clearing the cache did not work. If I sign in as moderator, I again have access to the problem Yahoo Group calendar; it is only when I sign in as a Yahoo Group member.

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