Hi, please let us know how we can improve Groups.

Yahoo, are you reading our suggestions at all ?

Dear yahoo developers.

You have asked us back in 2013 to come over here with the technical problems, bugs, and our suggestions. For a while, you were answering and at least trying.
As of now, we havent heard from you for over a year.
No feedback, no answers, no topic getting on the "PLANNED" agenda, nothing !

Are you still here or have you all been fired?
Is Yahoo trying to fix the bugs at all?

We moderators and group members have been listing the major problems we have been encountering for over two years now. Some have been dealt with in the first stages, but we really have a feeling you have totally vanished at this point and dont even CARE !

For a short summary, here are the main problems at this stage:

1/ Databases: get rid of the numbers, fix the system so entering a new line does not delete part of the former lines, make sure all columns appear properly.

2/ Fix the scroll function: it goes back up each time.

3/ Bring back the option to schedule Files to auto-send to pending members

4/ Please fix the ability to remove members.

5/ Please do not truncate or shorten the subject heading

6/ fix the calendar function, the events calendar, and the time zone function (we cannot fix it and the reminders come out with wrong dates and times)

7/ problems with FILES: often we cannot delete them, and when we open them, they come in an unreadable format having lost all editing.

8/ restore group search (by group, not all groups)

9/ create a real customer service, here nobody answers. Make it easy and clear how it is possible to contact you and have a service which DOES ANSWER. Avoid referring to "answers" which is a very lousy and unreliable fonction.

10/ Fix the group directory, re instate sub categories and let the founders order their group in logical categories, otherwise nobody can search the groups.

11/ re instate the possibility to edit a post before approving

12/ put the files and database entries in alphabetical order as default

13/ stop asking users for a cell phone number

14/ improve the look: restore the possibilty to chose colors, design and illustrations for groups.

15/ allow moderators to invite members

16/ when viewing photos, the page keeps reloading and taking you back to the top (same as scroll function problem)

17/ fix the photo section and the ability for members to upload pictures

18/ fix non English characters (we have seen problems with diacritics for French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian etc. Archives are no longer readable, files and links have to be reinstated one by one. Find a way to support all special characters.

19/ make it easier to find and return to earlier posts (search function and post numbers)

20 / bounce history no longer shows. We cannot reinstate members when mails bounce back

So this is it for a start. These posts have received hundreds of votes, but NO ANSWER at all.

Deborah(PAris, France)

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  • Nancy Wieme commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Your access to this calendar is being processed. Please check back later. BEEN GETTING THIS MESSAGE FOR DAYS... same problem posted all over forums... NO ANSWERS!?!?

  • layna commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I didn't know where to add my latest email of several I've posted over the last few days since MAINTENANCE WAS DONE...since I don't have any more 'votes'...WHY IS THAT, BTW?...I've been a Moderator for 9 years+ - for 3 days have not been able to post more than 6 newstories...I left for awhile - came back earlier last evening...it seemed to be working, but, I was hesitant to believe it...did about 20 to finish one day's work, 3 days ago...then, bang, it happened again...posting stopped...couldn't send anything to pending...WILL YOU PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM PROPERLY, THANKYOU, L.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    so could we get an answer, any answer, just a sign from Yahoo?

    Why have you opened this forum for suggestions if you arent even reading them, not responding either ?????

  • Turtle commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Short answer, no, they almost certainly are not. There's also no way to reach them on the phone, in email, and even the bug report submission form is so carefully hidden it's now impossible to find.

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