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Disposeable addresses doesn't work anymore !

For all user on when we try to create a new disposeable addresse, on the previous Webmail these aliases are created with "" instead of the usual "".

Unfortunately, theses addresses don't work, we can't use them.

With the new webmail, we can see that "" is back on the form used to create a new disposable addresse, but the Add button don't work, we can't create a new addresse at all.

This feature is extremly important to me, actually I started to use YahooMail because of this feature, so please find a way to fix it, I don't want to migrate my 300 addresses to a new system...

We posted an error about it on the french Yahoo VoiceUser but it seems nobody cares :

I tried on 3 version of Yahoo mail and even in the old old one it doesn't work :
- Oldest one : : show an error
- Early 2017 : : create a alias that won't work
- Summer 2017 : : the button "Enregistrer" don't create the alias

Thanks !

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    Good news, addresses created with are now working.
    But we can't do it on the new webmail, we need to stay on the previous version. The new version still show us the "" suffix and the "Save" button don't create the alias.

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