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New email might have done it.

I've been getting more and more unhappy with Yahoo. It's going to be a huge pain to switch providers but I think this finally did it. I been with you for 15 years and if the email isn't changed and the ads removed I'm gone.

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      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        SEEMS TO ME, THEY IMPORTED GOOGLE'S LADY TO "FIX" YAHOO AND SHE SABOTAGED IT INSTEAD????? because after all she is really google's lady???? yes the thought occurred to me, it should have occurred to yahoo!

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        yeah, i am looking into other mail also, since there is constant control freak stuff going on and now yahoo SCANS ALL OUR MAIL. that is a serious privacy and security breach for us. (contrary to what they say.) Always trying t o suck as much of our info off us as you can nowadays. EEEEEvil! **** bloodsuckers!

      • AnaAna commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I agree with you and the new version is terrible. Why can't we go back to the older one??????

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I have never had so much trouble with email as I do with the new ****** format. I"ve been told to change servers - it doesn't matter, IE, Chrome, Firefox, my computer, my work computer, the library... same problem over and over! The ads are HORRIFIC! I mean, a lot of them aren't safe for work! Thank GOD for AdBlock plus (find it in your settings and extensions, people. I'ts a godsend!) But too often, I'm denied access to my email - I know I know your 'tech team is working on it' - Fire them because it keeps breaking down! I've also had problems with email i've read and deleted or filed away, ends back up in my inbox unread. And don't get me started on the **** you've done to Yahoo groups! This is NOT an improvement, people! I am moving everything to my gmail. Yahoo email is worthless and ****** and is pretty much useless!

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I agree totally...even more than gets worse every year...I have had it also

      • sung jun kimsung jun kim commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        A Letter of Plea to the Current and Former Figure Skaters and Seniors

        Hello, the current and former figure skaters and seniors who love and cherish the figure skating

        I was deeply shocked and disappointed watching the ladies’ single skating events at the Sochi Olympics.

        I think you would be even more hurt because you are figure skaters or used to be.

        We were sincerely impressed that you are in the strong position to rectify this problem.

        Everyone knows that something that can be considered cheating and an offence against the spirit of sportsmanship happened at the ladies’ single skating events at Sochi.

        It did happen. TheSochi Olympics laughed at all mankind who had put morals and conscience before their own national interests. We were forced to see the ethics of fair play being killed by nationalism. Do we have to see it every 4 years?

        Unless this shameful scandal of the Sochi Olympics is rectified, the Olympics cannot be the events which contribute to the world peace any longer. They will degenerate as events that powerful countries throw their weights around.

        The immoral figure sadroitly used the contradictory regulations of the ISU as follows.

        First, the anonymous judging installed by the ISU can never provide ways to evaluate the controversial cases in which an anonymous judge or anonymous judges gave aspecific skater exceptionally high scores out of the blue.

        Second, no protests against evaluations by referees, judges and the technical panel of the skaters’ performances are allowed.

        Dear the presentand former figure skaters

        We should investigate this case thoroughly and amend the contradictory ISU regulations not to make anyother scandal happen.

        However, the wounds which we got by the sport will not be healed forever, unless the skater who was an unquestionable victim of such loop holes in the current ISU judging system is not redressed, even if the two things which were mentioned above arerectified.

        We urge the ISU to take steps/actions - re-evaluation which guarantees fairness - immediately to redress the colossal injustice done to her.

        We believe that it’s the one and only true way for the current ISU judging system to get backon the right path and correct its deviation.

        Ottavio Cinquanta’s statements in an interview with Chicago Tribune (2/21/2014)are practically the same as acknowledging that he approved and/orassigned such individuals in a conflict of interest position regarding two competing skaters for the Sochi technical and judging panel. In fact, a majority of Sochi officials were selected against the ISU General Regulation Rule 121 and Code of Ethics Article (h) and (i), violating the “Conflict of Interest”Statues.

        We earnestly request you.

        Taking this Sochi Olympic scandal opportunity, to make figure skating be a beautiful sport with truly artistic merit, your efforts are needed.

        Please, be in a strong position to reform the followings

        First, demand for Re-Evaluating the unfair result at the Sochi Olympics.

        Second, request the resignation of Ottavio Cinquanta from the presidency of the International Skating Union.

        Third, throw out the corrupt ISU judges such as Alexander Lakernik and Alla Shekhovtseva who are not unmindful of their duties.

        Forth, establish a new figure skating union which consists of only the persons who are involved in figure skating and separate it from the Skating Union.

        Fifth, point out the flaws and mistakes of the Korean Olympic Committee and the Korean Skating Union.

        Lastly, please urge the International Olympic Committee and the International Skating Union to answer ably work on the complaint from Korea and Re-Evaluation.

        We plead with you to make every effort to purify the figure skating world.

        The aim we protest against the Sochi scandal is not to take the gold medal from Sotnikova. We hope that Kim Yuna who showed perfect performances will receive the gold medal which she deserves.

        We are writing this letter because we’re afraid the IOC and the ISU will sweep this scandal under the rug. Of course, we hope that Yuna Kim will also be awarded her very deserved gold medal in the end. But, at the same time, we hope to see fair judging in every individual competition so that athletes are rewarded for their years of hard work and for their excellence. We hope athletes are treated and judged equally and fairly regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, gender, race, or any other characteristic. Therefore, we strongly ask them to correct the scandalous Sochi judging and its results so that we can remain loyal to sports as well as figure skating.

        Please, visit


        The current and former figure skaters and seniors,

        we ask you to take part in this movement and make every effort to purify the figure skating world. Thank you.

      • wayne crowleywayne crowley commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I have to agree. I also use Gmail, and it is much superior in performance and ease of use. I am strongly considering dropping Yahoo altogether and using another provider.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Hi Yahoo! I can not ener into my e mail box.
        My username is jugjug337
        My old password - formalhaut
        My new password- I have lost.
        The information about my new password you can sent on my gmail :

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        when you are in yahoo mail, next to your name is a little Cog wheel, click on that and go to settings then scroll down to bottom of page, there will be the new version mail and under that is basic mail, click on that, then scroll down to save and click save it automatically goes back to old version of mail. hope this works. let me know and if so let others know.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        this is the most tone deaf company ever. No wonder Google overtook Yahoo.
        Google was a small subcontractor to Yahoo and now they are 10 x larger . I am not surprised at all. Thousands of comments demanding the old email format and they don't give a hoot

        Bye bye Yahoo! Hello Gmail

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