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there isnt enough room here to lit all my yahoo complaints. I ready to change my email address for 1000 things i use it for just to ditch it

I am so annoyed with yahoo mail on all accounts I want to ditch this email address and deal with 1000 contacts i'd have to update! Ive had it for years. I pay for plus and still have to got to my outlook to use copy and paste. I have to cleanup mail in yahoo only for my phone and outlook to sync the same. one day I have unread emails marked as read and vice versa. I can't get a hold of a cust support person! WHYYYYYY! I PAY FOR SEVICE AND I DONT GET IT! NONE of your suggested fixes ever help my situation. and this new email is HORRID. I cant sort by sender. Srsly!!! and when I search it adds deleted msg...OMGGGGG...just kill me I HATE more than ever!
Im ready to switch to gmail and be done with this BS!

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Following the steps in this Yahoo Help article will allow you to resolve the majority of issues you may encounter with Yahoo Mail. This should resolve the problem you’re having with copying and pasting.

Fix common problems in Yahoo Mail

You are able to sort your emails by sender or subject, however to do so you need to disable our conversation threading feature.

We think conversation threads are great new way to organize your emails, but we also understand that they may not be for everyone, which is why you have the ability to turn them off if you choose. To learn how to do that, please have a look at the following Yahoo Mail Help article:

Enable or disable Conversations in Yahoo Mail

Because this forum is intended to gather feedback/suggestions for Yahoo Mail, if you continue experiencing this problem, please contact Customer Care by going here:

Contact Customer Care

Thank you for using Yahoo Mail!

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    oh and I forgot now i'm listed as me or me me and the email thread is in reverse order to every other kind of mail on earth why. absolute nonsense! and pst cant be moved by file to outlook. This is the worst.

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