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front cover

I think it would be great ,if we had the option of a front cover for our photosream . Many members have a great amount of photos in their photostreams and tend to take photos of varius subjects wich change after sometime . The consept of the front cover is simple . You got a page (lets say no more than 50 photos ), where a personal selection of your photos is showcased in order to show other flickr members the range of your work . eg Your personal favourites of your photostream or one photo of each place you visited !

Sorry in advance for my English
and thank you for your time !

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    We need exact dimensions to be provided for cover photos, if it does exist already it is impossible to find this information. Could you please give exact dimensions in pixels for cover photos for members pages and for group pages if the sizes are different.

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    See comment from Anonymous on August 16.
    I agree completely. I spent many days creating albums and collections but now they are almost irrelevant in Flickr interface.
    Spending time in Flickr now makes me quite depressed.

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    Raised many times since the start of Flickr. The photostream should NOT be the 'landing page', the latest stuff loaded may be of minor personal or specialist interest only. I'd love to have a home page or front cover under my control. If not available, I'd like people to by default go to my collections page where they can drill down to subjects that interest them./ Having an option to make the collections page the default (for those who use Collections, which is perhaps the "best kept secret" in Flickr) should be relatively easy to implement.

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