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Present great Flickr Groups in the Weekly Flickr

There are some awesome groups in Flickr that do more than just collecting photographs. It would be great to present some of these groups in the Weekly Flickr blog.
I'm part of the admin team of Flickr's 100 Best ( It is the Hunger Game of Flickr and has a limited pool of 100 awesome photographs of all kind. Over 10'000 members challenge the actual pool photographs to get theirs in. Our group is highly active with over 50 challenges a month.
Besides the fun aspect, members get a serious and constructive critique in our group and fantastic hints how to improve their photographic and editorial skills.
If one searches in Google for the "best group in Flickr" he will unavoidably be directed to our group. Hence we have a huge traffic of curious Flickr members. Winning photographs get great visibility and will not be covered by a myriad of new images within an instance.

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