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You keep making changes that get worse and once we get used to the new change you make another. The new recent activity is horrible and not user friendly. It was nice to have the notifications and newly uploaded pics in one spot now i have to go into another area to look at notifications. In the old design it was easy to like we didn't even have to click on the image to like it and there were thumbnail views of multiple uploaded pics we could choose to look at IF we wanted to, this is just a bunch of clutter now. It's a horrible design, the worst yet.

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    MonicaMonica shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
    Oakley FoxtrotOakley Foxtrot shared a merged idea: I know so many have already suggested this, but PLEASE go back to the old layout. The one before this update. Things look a mess.  ·   · 
    SquireRossSquireRoss shared a merged idea: I am on the verge of giving Flickr up altogether! The "show more" (or whatever it says) feature does not work. The layout stinks.  ·   · 
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: New recent activity is awful. You cannot fave. Is this a game of making things very obviously awful, non user x?? Wow.  ·   · 
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: go back to the old design please. Once a day I opened the first pic...pushed "L" and could see all my favorite pics enlarged on the screen.  ·   · 
    David SDavid S shared a merged idea: Please revert to the previous format. I too am sick of photos from unknown people and do not want a preview of groups.  ·   · 
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: What's with the new format? I can't stand it. I no longer can "fave" or comment on half of my contacts because you don't put that at the b  ·   · 
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: spam ad covering people's pictures is a BAD thing  ·   · 
    Lathkill96Lathkill96 shared a merged idea: I like the enlarged Explore Image Size, but detest not being able to open of fav photo  ·   · 
    Scozmo's PhoteryScozmo's Photery shared a merged idea: Has image quality dropped?  ·   · 
    miners04miners04 shared a merged idea: stop improving establised flickr site  ·   · 
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: Why Don't You Lot Listen to Your Users and NOT to the IDIOT Who Keeps Changing Things???????  ·   · 
    Aybars C.Aybars C. shared a merged idea: Allow users the option to go back to the previous format.  ·   · 
    FayFay shared a merged idea: The new format is HORRIBLE! Everything is confusing and messed up.  ·   · 
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: This new flickr format is the worse yet.  ·   · 
    Jeremy MacPhersonJeremy MacPherson shared a merged idea: Go back to the old page layout.  ·   · 
    HaylHayl shared a merged idea: Since the new style is up, my flickr is unable to function well.  ·   · 
    Panagiotis NikoloutsopoulosPanagiotis Nikoloutsopoulos shared a merged idea: The new feed wastes too much space  ·   · 
    rob sneedrob sneed shared a merged idea: undue recent changes.....they a sooooo unwanted or needed....get a grip flickr!  ·   · 
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: Get rid of the two column display  ·   · 
    Anonymous shared a merged idea: Prettier does not mean better. The usability of your new style website is terrible.  ·   · 


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    • yahoo
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      • Annonnomous!Annonnomous! commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I will share a little secret I just found out! My tablet got hacked so I haven't been on it until it can get erased. I go to read my mail and it went from a legitimate site like this one and before I could even read it. It threw me into a dating site. Which then threw me here . People are using your real names and not there's so they can't get caught by there spouse. That's why there so much traffic on here now. They get their message here and sometimes a photo that is one of yours so they aren't recognized! They just get contact information and go to another legit site like Amazon that looked like a commercial until I read it and traced everything back!

      • Dougal TownsendDougal Townsend commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Really can't be bothered with Flickr anymore with the horrible "new" setup. Thinking of deleting my account...

        Does anyone take these comments on board???????????????

      • H PECQUERYH PECQUERY commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Cette nouvelle configuration est détestable pour toutes les raisons évoquées ici : les photos affichées sont trop étriquées ,les images que l'on sollicite chez d'autres exposant ne sont plus montrées.Personnellement je vient de télécharger quatre ou cinq images ,aucune à aucun moment n'est apparue dans le "flux" même quand elles ont été commentées ou favorisées par les autres participants.Pouvez-vous m'en donner la raison ?

      • MattMatt commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I do NOT like the new setup. Please change it back. It is not user friendly and I can't navigate around this new setup. It's bad!

      • AlisonAlison commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        "Gathering feedback"... does that mean someone is actually reading the comments? Really???
        Just curious how long it stays in "gathering feedback" mode before the feedback becomes ignored and the new format is officially entrenched.
        Because that's what Yahoo does with format changes and users' opinions, right...?

      • AlisonAlison commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        All of what Monica said. Plus, it's annoying to try to see pictures by zigzagging back and forth across the page, and they're not lined up in any helpful way. It takes WAY too long to load. You get the "all activity" page first. Which takes forever. So you click on "People" to get rid of all the group feeds, and then the page hangs. You wait... and wait... finally have to refresh the page and it reloads "All". Have to wait for the whole thing to load and then try again for "People". And after all that finally loads, the notification lights up -- along with the annoying box that you have to x out on every page.
        We hates it, precious!!! >:(

      • davis-58davis-58 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        this new front page layout ****** me off every time I log on, its total rubbish !!
        I agree with comments below on seeing people suggested, you have no right to force this on users ?
        Change back, and leave stuff alone

      • DJRDJR commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I really don't care for the new interface...why do I get random photos that someone else might like...but I don't care to see? I like the interface 2 iterations ago. The immediately previous one was not to my liking, but this current one is horrid. What were you thinking?

      • Dougal TownsendDougal Townsend commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I agree - the "new" 3-column layout is very messy. It makes a cluttered page with no focus for the eye, which is the whole reason to use this site in the first place - to be able to appreciate other people's photography.

        And I don't need to see updates from Groups, either, which now injects a bunch of random people's photos into your feed.

        And of course this "update" happened while I was away with no access to Flickr, so I thought something was broken when I got back... glad to hear it is not just me.

      • vsevolod khomenkovsevolod khomenko commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Oh, looks like my browser accidentally took me to Instagram instead of Flickr, ok ************... But wait, no, it's just Flickr that now looks just like Instagram with this Instagram feed that is supposed to be scrolled without any attention to the content. But it's even worse than Instagram's, with this two separate columns it is really a mess where you just can't look at photos

        ****, you are consistently ripping off the orginality of this site turning it into a secondary provincial spin-off.

      • elmo isacatelmo isacat commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I have to agree. I've used Flickr for a long time and I hate to say this but I think I'm going to stop using it altogether as I really hate the new layout.

      • Oscar FehlbergOscar Fehlberg commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Hate the new layout as well. The 2 column style makes the images cluttered together and too small, which makes it hard to focus on and appreciate the photos - which is exactly what flickr is supposed to be about.
        I would love to see a return to the single column layout, with no tiling of images either. I want to see the photos BIG, so I can appreciate them. Optimise the size of the photos shown based on the size of the browser window (HxW).

      • SquireRossSquireRoss commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I agree with all of the negative comments posted thus far. I am on the verge of getting out of flickr altogether. The layout stinks. It is hard to find where to fave or post a comment. People should be able to post one significant picture at a time, not download all their alternatives. The "show more" feature (or whatever it is called) does not work on my computer. Have you people lost your minds entirely!

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Pls roll back ASAP and stay away from this new 2 column design on desktop web (looks like the MODAL design you use go the yahoo homepage). Confusing pointless and prevent to see the images immediately as i ve to go a random useless intermediate step. Not even sure you monetize it.
        I d like to see BIG images with 1 click: now take ages to enjoy a great picture in it's beauty.
        Flickr user since 2005.

      • rhizopogonrhizopogon commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        The UI changes are killing this site. It is really a shame since the community is so great. I've used flickr for well over 10 years and this is the worst change yet. One more nudge and I'm deleting all my photos and never coming back.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        New recent activity is awful. You cannot fave. Is this a game of making things very obviously awful, non user x?? Wow.

      • AlisonAlison commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        New format takes too long to load. Notifications are the last to load and get missed. The "new notification center" popup has to be X-ed out on every page, if I open a new tab to look at a photo (because I get tired of waiting for the main page to load). Columns are too big to fit on the screen; I have to scroll to the right. I don't want to have to click on another tab to get from "all activity" to "people" -- in the old format, I could go to the dropdown for "groups" and look at those when I wanted to, not have tons of photos from groups in a column in the main feed.
        You're trying to make it look too much like facebook, with "notifications" and "recommended posts" and extra stuff.

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