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Please review posts/moving of questions by the user "Fireball"

Fireball is a prolific contributor in the Religion & Spirituality section. She's been posting there for a least 10 years, and currently sits at #4 on the R&S Leaderboard.

She's also something of a cultural icon, well-known for her use of acronyms: TIRH (this is religion here), GUS (grow up soon) and others.

While it was still possible to do so, Fireball voted for her own answers as best, which took her to her current place on the Leaderboard. Then, about three years ago, her account was suspended. I'm not sure if point-gaming was the reason, or accusations of maliciously moving questions.
She came here begging to have her Answers account reinstated, and many people supported the idea. Her request was granted.

About 5 months ago, a suggestion titled "Suspend Fireball's Account" was initiated here. Enough people (myself included) voted for it that it was trending when it...just disappeared. "Awaiting Moderator Approval," don'tcha know.

Look. This is your website, not mine. If you don't mind R&S being the trollfest it has become, there's nothing I, or anyone else, can say to force you to fix it. All I plan to do, as long as this thread is allowed to stand, is post links to specific violations by the user Fireball. Most of them will be
of the chat/rant/point-gaming variety, because she gives precious little thought to what she posts. I respectfully ask that this thread be allowed to stand and that you review her activity (including the moving of questions, which only you can see). Thank you.

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