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Askers should be Rewarded points for asking questions that get a large amount of answers and follows

I have posted a question that got over 1000 answers and 20+ follows before and instead of getting rewarded for that I got 3 points deducted out of my account for asking a question. Askers should be getting rewarded for sparking large conversations and interests on the site like that, not punished for it. Answers with over 30 answers and follows should reward the asker with a certain amount of points. Something like the asker earns 1 point for every answer they get after 30 answers and 5 points for every follower to the question. So if the asker gets 54 answers to their question and 5 followers they earn 54 points total and an extra 25 points for the 5 followers. 79 points total to their account for sparking a large interest. It's rare to get a huge amount of answers and follows so why punish the community for making that happen instead of rewarding.

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    Totally disagree. pretty much every question that gets over 20 answers is a (chat-)violation

  •  ☥♡☮  commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

      Check rules and point system, The reason you do not gain or achieve points could be cause of lack of knowledge experience to asking, like if you do not give answer to data info stream, then you are take from the service free assistance to attain knowledge for help purposes,

    Other glitch may be spam bots, they could post infinitely and answer infinitely gaining levels and trust values and then use as data mining and abuse,

    Since Ive been banned, I have now Answers as hidden ghosted forms, they are there but hidden, and it appears others have be tracked and ghosted as well, so Verizon best be aware of skullduggery in the gears,

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