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Have more options for replying.

Please let there be the option to reply to questions that are even 10 years old. It actually doesn't really matter if it is a decade old, as a question is a question. And, time flies by so much anyway.
I'm on level 6, so maybe it is available on level 7. I doubt it.

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      This option was available from previous Yahoo Team Owners, only for that year or so, but that unfortunately got blocked, probably due to spam bots that could corrupt old data for all purposes of abusing Answers,

      In a way there is no need to add on or update old queries absolute, let alone new questions with choice best answer, ( Although, recent Q&A's are networked same team user account promos, fake news spam )

    It may be better to Ask new question, and as is allowed to answer your own Question with related Answer, (but not allowed to apply best answer to self) as that would be spam promo oriented,

    some old data is really out of date, so updating old answer may be obsolete to modern standards,

    not sure but you might try leaving addendum as comment, or refer to old query in new posted question, as question.

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