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Please keep awarding points for answering questions after "Best Answer" has been chosen

I often answer questions only to find out a best answer has been chosen. Some askers do not wait long to amass many answers and are quick to award their choice. I don't have all day to stay on Answers, but I am well-informed in my subject and have credible, correct information to share. It would be a good thing to award some points for correct participation even after a choice has been made....

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  • Dragos Drakkar commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The site is already set up this way, or at least it was up to a couple of months ago when I last tried it. The site may say that you received zero points for answering such a question, but a quick check of your point total before and after doing so should show that you still ended up with the two points you should have.

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