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Make sure you keep bashing the best president we ever had ... EXACTLY what we needed at the critical time in our history ... l!!!

Make sure you keep bashing the best president we ever had ... EXACTLY what we needed at the critical time in our history ... l!!! while liberals are trying to undermine and CHANGE the constitution, the very document that makes us what we are, President Trump is exposing all the corruption and dirt and hate they hand out ... and YOU put this as HEADLINES almost every single day, which makes you just like them !!!!

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  • wendy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Do you really think Hillary would have been a better choice. She's the biggest hypocrite of all. And a liar, cheat, and a honest to God criminal. She should be in jail.

  • wendy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    He's paid more in taxes than you'll make in your lifetime. Just because the media says he didn't doesn't make it true. And if he wants to protect our borders I'm grateful. Unless you want to open up and let thousands more unproductive mouths to feed with our tax dollars. Finally we get some one that other countries don't walk over. Unlike Obama who went on an apology tour bowing and groveling to people who hate us for our freedom of religion.
    Climate change? He's not ignoring it. He doesn't want to hurt our economy to counteract the countries that are the real problems. If China and other countries in the east don't start cleaning up, nothing we do can help.
    He is not a liar, criminal, nor a thief. Nobody, but nobody can prove he is. Stop listening to the liberal news stations that would have us become a socialist country.
    Liberals are the ones undermining our constitution trying their best to take away our rights.

  • Robert S. Distler commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    WHITE LIBERALS trying to undermine our Constitution? Oh, I hadn't noticed. Fire this one, disregard that rule, bash the courts, ignore the Emoluments Clause, trash our allies, ignore evidence of climate change, sent armed troops to the border, . . . the list goes on. WHITE LIBERALS?

  • Robert Johnston commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    He is not our best president! He is a liar, criminal, and a thief ! He has yet to pay his Corporate taxes and penalties as required by law. And you say he is the best President, I DON'T THINK SO ! ! !

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