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How can I get back to the old My Yahoo Page - there was more functionality on the old page

Under the portfolio there used to be a total so you could monitor your investments directly on the page. The refresh button for portfolios is also missing. I have been a yahoo users for at least 15 years and would like to have the option of going back to the prior version of My Yahoo

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    Here at Yahoo! our well honed, but often misunderstood powers of business acumen, have lead us to the area of establishing beachheads in customer saturation as a way of stimulating consumer interest until demand for increasing services revolves around a stability point. At this point we are firm in our determination that you actually prefer our new services over the old or go **** yorself.
    with great Love:
    The Yahoo! team

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    Guess Yahoo wanted to compete with the early version of the Obamacare sign up website for "worst idea ever"

  • Sharon Williamson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Me too! I want my old Yahoo back. . .very frustrating. I have to go back several times to delete my own sent emails that should not even appear - confusing. Where is all my stuff????????

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    Until Yahoo fixes this Yahoocare mess, open, bookmark it and log-in. In my case, all of my content is the same as it was in the prior U.S. version, including layout, themes, weather locations, market summary, portfolio cumulative totals, company news, etc. In other words, Yahoo has not changed the Canadian version of My Yahoo. You cannot add new U.S. content, but at least you can get back to what you had.

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