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To our loyal users of My Yahoo,

Our goal for My Yahoo is to give you a way to organize the web around your diverse set of interests. Your passion for My Yahoo inspires us to work hard to make it better everyday, and we’re just getting started. We’ve seen — and heard — the impassioned response about the revamped My Yahoo. You’ve shared lots of great feedback, and we want you to know we’re doing more than just listening. Here’s an update on your most popular requests:

  • Scoreboard app (Oct 31, update) – The My Teams feature is now available (it includes the teams you were following before migrating to the new My Yahoo).
  • Movies and In Theatres (Oct 31, update) – The “In Theatres” app (previously known as the Movies app) now allows you to save your favorite theatres by location (your settings from the old My Yahoo will also be transferred to the new app)
  • My Portfolio app (Oct 9, update) – You are now able to see multiple portfolios at once by clicking on the All Portfolios drop down.
  • Location settings for weather and news – Every time you visit My Yahoo, we try to detect your current location and give you local weather and news stories. If you don’t see the right city, you can change your location and save it for quick access. As soon as we have a more permanent solution we’ll make sure to let you know.
  • Theme backgrounds – We offer a wide range of themes to help you make your page more personal. You can change your theme at any time by selecting “Choose Themes” at the top right of your screen. We’ve included a “Classic My” theme for those who prefer the colors of the old version of My Yahoo.

We’ll continue to keep you up to date in this forum… and we’re not done yet – more improvements are on the way. So keep the feedback coming!

Thanks to each and every one of you.


The My Yahoo Team

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