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"Not available in your region"

Living in Europe, why do we regularly get "Not available in your region" on video's of certain news elements. It really makes us feel like second class citizen, as if were not good enough to watch a flash mob wedding proposal that more then likely will be found on You Tube.

This is great way to drive your customers to Google (You Tube) - no wonder that you are loosing major ground.

Frustrated in Hungary

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    I'm also in Europe (Ger) and am really miffed by those error messages. Most are caused due to Yahoo allowing the video host HULU to provide much of the vid content - and HULU has made NO attempt to provide "service" outside of the US. I'm mostly interested in the political editorials in the US, but nearly 50% (or more) are done with the HULU portal. Even with VPN, it won't work - unless one has a VPN that provides a US IP.

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