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Trash the current movie page, and re-do!

When the page shows up, the ALL THEATRES tab does NOT give ALL screens, just whatever's loaded with that particular page. How can you say ALL THEATRES? That's lying, or stupidity? The icons for each movie is just toooooo huge for your own sake. Wasted space IMO. Fire those who designed the current format.

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Hi Sammo,

If you click on the “Get Showtimes” link at the top ( it’ll take you to a page with all the theaters in your area and you can scroll down to find a particular location. Once you’re at the bottom, you can click on “More Showtimes” to increase the range and populate more theaters further out.

If you know the theater name, you can also CTRL + F within your browser to type in the name and locate a specific theater.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.


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