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My response to Debenhams, Clapham after they told me I was unsuccessful in applying for a job

I applied for a job as a Christmas Sales Advisor at Debenhams in Clapham and this is my response to their 'no thank you' email they sent to me:

Dear Lovely HR,

This is not disappointing news at all. As as soon as you enter the store it is a very depressing store with no one approaching the customers.

As I was 2 hours early for my appointment due to my wonderful enthusiam (which was looked upon gloomy by the trainer). I walked around the shop to view it and shop. I had to ask on more than one occasion for someone to assist me!

I knew immediately when I was interviewed by the very 'miserable trainer' that this store was too depressing for me to work in.

Customers were approaching me for help as I was more willing to assist them than the actual staff.

This store is the most depressing and miserable branch I have every entered.

I am absolutely delighted that the other Oxford Street and Wimbledon branches are more upmarket and friendly.

Thank you so very much for your kind email message.

With very kindest regards,
Yours faithfully,

Yvonne T

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