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This wouldn't post in Lifestyle- what's wrong with it?!?!?!

When I was about 6 years old, my dad took a Skippy jar and filled it with Planter's peanuts. He told me if he shook it long enough it would make peanut butter. So he started shaking the jar and after a few minutes he told me to go put on my pajamas and by the time I got back, there would be peanut butter in the jar. So I dashed off to my room, put on my pjs as fast as I could and ran back to the living room where my dad was shaking a bona fide jar of peanuts turned peanut butter. I was so excited to tell all my friends at school the next day about the magnificent transformation and they were absolutely wowed. A few said they were going to try it too. I don't know if they ever did but a few weeks later my dad confessed he had another jar of actual Skippy behind his back and exchanged the jars when I went to my room. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Good one, dad!!!
Now wasn't that more interesting than the Lifestyle piece?

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