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Skipping slides

When I view this link, and advance to the 2nd slide, I only have 15secs or so to view that slide while the 3rd slide appears. When I advanced to the 4th slide, the slide appears for at least 15 secs or so and again, advances to the next slide without my request. Thinking the problem was on my computer, I stopped the viewing and looked elsewhere, only to find the same problem. Then, I returned to the above link, and this time, slides 2 and 4 were readable, but slides 3 and 5 were not. If you need someone to proof your links before posting them, I'd be glad to help.

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    Same thing happens to me , but if I turn off adblock the slides work properly . Do you have ad block , or a redirect cleaner on your browser ?
    I just saw this post is a little old , but maybe you or someone will be helped by this .

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