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Take out most of the damned ads!!!!!!!! It slows down EVERY **** ELECTRONIC I HAVE TO THE POINT I'M THINKING OF SHUTTING DOWN MY YAHOO EVERY

Seriously! Do you have to have ads covering THE ENTIRE PAGE and popping up EVERY **** SECOND!!!!! Its not my machine either! Everything we own including the XBOX 360 THAT FLIES THROUGH EVERYTHING SLOWS DOWN SO BAD THAT IT ****** ME OFF TO NO END!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS BAD ENOUGH THE EMAIL "SAVES" EVERY HALF SECOND AND HAVE TO BACKSPACE TO CORRECT WORDS IN BETWEEN THE DAMNED "SAVES"!!! ITS RIDICULOUS!!!! I want to read the news headlines and not have to wait for the idiotic ads to load! 1 or 2 ads maybe but the video ads take forever to load and I have the over rated spectrum internet. Between Charter adding a word and doubling the price and Yahoo trying to suck as much money they can w/ the ads! it doesn't make Yahoo look any classier or professional, just money hungry and we have to deal w/ that way too much! And, I shouldn't have to pay extra so I might possibly have fewer ads! If I used the email for important mail, I wouldn't do it through a site that isn't completely secure and completely private!

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    The same here, can't read anything, news, sports,celebs crapola it's never ending. I go to bing to read stuff I see on yahoo..

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