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Highly inappropriate content found on yahoo parenting page

Your Yahoo Parenting article titled "Target Under Fire for 'Objectifying' T-Shirt for Women" shows an add for Yahoo Style titled "Nicki Minaj Rants About Her VMA Noms, ****** Off Taylor Swift". This add pictures the nearly naked behind of a woman in a sexually suggestive position. What's worse is the add contains several clips that mimic a video of the woman moving her behind up and down. This is grossly inappropriate content for a parenting website, let alone yahoo in general. Parents who would read Yahoo Parenting obviously have children who could accidentally see this content. I find it ironic that Yahoo writes about other companies being under fire for objectifying women and still plays into the "*** sells" content on their own site. Content of this nature is not the norm and Yahoo should be ashamed to have embraced this. This add should be removed immediately.

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