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Batters should be penalized for outs in MLB DFS games.

Pitchers shouldn't be assessed so many penalties as is in the rules and batters none. I mean they're being penalized for even hits. That's ridiculous. Meanwhile, batters aren't assessed penalties for every out at the plate. A batter with 1-6, HR at-bat stat in a losing effort shouldn't be considered a good fantasy pick against the pitcher he faced who gave up 6 hits (-6pts) and 1 ER (-2) in a winning effort. A pitcher shouldn't face so many batters on the mound and yet be assessed so many penalties, while a batter whose job is just to appear on average 4 at-bats a game get away scott-free even if he ends the night going 0-4 with 4Ks.

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    I agree. Its similar to plus/minus in hockey. But since you cant do plus/minus in baseball since it is more of an individual effort, they should be "punished" for getting an out. Even if its a small amount like 0.5 points or 1.0 point. In hockey, a guy that doesnt have a goal, an assist or a shot can end up with -6.0 points if he has -3 plus minus and his team loses 5-0. But in baseball if a guy goes 0-5 with 5ks and his team loses 12-0, he finishes with 0.0 points. If he has a terrible game like that and so does his team, he definitely should get negative something.

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