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really just started playing on yahoo this week. i dont think ive ever seen a payout structure where almost HALF of the prize pool is paid to the top 10 places!! Example- i played 2 gpps tonight, 1-5K with 2 lu's entered and a 1k also entered 2 lu's. Cashed with all 4 lu's and in the 5k, 1 of my lu's finished in 80th place. won $6 in a $5,500 tourny, while the last cash position won $4 less! you paid over 2k to top 10 spots, when 70 spots further down gets $6 buks. then 1100 spots down and you get 2 buks!...seems it's catered to the pros who max enter every tourny..guess i know why Yahoo is soooo far behind DK and FD

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