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i was winning a contest all play was over .. some how a player under me jumped 2 spots a bumped me out im done ....cheating *****

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    Ive had this happen to me too. I think its because the official scoring changes even after the game is over. For example, in a hockey game the other day ( i forget which one...Flames and somebody) originally the guy scored a goal and only one person got an assist. Then way later (after the game was over i think), they gave a second assist to someone and that person got 4 points for it. So there were a few people underneath me who jumped ahead of me when they added those 4 points. Also, keep in mind that sometimes when a game JUST finishes, they havent added points for, say, a goalie who gets 5 points for a win or whatever it is. So i just got to a point where i dont even look at the standings until they are officially closed out and the money is paid. You kinda just have to take Yahoos word for it that they are right, unless you want to spend all day long calculating the stats of each player and confirming Yahoos results. You win some, you lose some. Trust me there are days when you yourself moved up a couple spots because of a stat correction, i can assure you that.

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