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User color coding in app to see who is currently on the court for NBA

When viewing a lineup within the app (Galaxy S7), the end of the statline either shows the player as On Bench or On Court. Great! Except as soon as the player accumulates a variety of stats, that part is pushed out of screen, so there is no way to know if a player is currently on the court. I recommend using the color-code bars on the left (currently just blank or green depending on if the player's game is underway). Keep it blank if the game is not currently going, green if the player is on the court, and use a 3rd color if the player is on the bench

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    From what I can remember (even though its been a couple months since the NFL season was over), i think they did the color code thing for whether a team was on offense or not, to hilight the players who could potentially score at any given time versus players on the bench. So if they can do it for the NFL they should be able to do it for the NBA whether a person is on the court or on the bench.

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