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Veteran status should be unique for each sport

I dont agree that the veteran status should be "across the board" for all sports. I think veteran status should apply to each individual sport. The reason why is because some people dont play each sport equally and each sport has a unique strategy for setting your lineups. When I just started playing I primarily did football, baseball and hockey. But now i am just getting started playing soccer and im still trying to figure out a good strategy. But now that i am veteran status, i am basically a beginner at soccer going against people with many hundreds of slates under their belt. I dont think its fair that someone who only has 30 slates of experience have to follow the veteran rules just because i have hundreds of slates of other sports under their belts. Make me a veteran of baseball and hockey that i have hundreds of ok with that...but dont make me a veteran of a sport I am just getting started on. Instead of veteran status being 1000 contests total, it should be like 150 or 200 contests of each individual sport. That way people can be a veteran in sports that they have a lot of experience in, but still be a beginner in sports they are just trying out.

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    Your Right! But Veteran players play in no Veterans allowed games anyways so it really wont help!

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