Wie können wir uns verbessern Yahoo Messenger?

you are totally ********* and you know that , do something to make it real messenger.

you thing that we will be happy for the new colors and design while we are losing everything the messenger means!!!!!!
and how suck and careless you are to lunch something and stop the old that bold without making it even trail, and want people to use it, you even asked me to suggest it to my friends? REALLY!!!! you do not see the disaster here... well this is worse than the disaster ...

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  • Gloria BowdenGloria Bowden kommentierte  ·   ·  Missbrauch melden

    pls. i need your help for can't send messages on new version of yahoo messenger. Am at a lost am old already and can't send emergency messages..pls. help me maybe the old version got to put back...let me know your urgent reply pls. Thanks..awaiting soonest

  • Gloria BowdenGloria Bowden kommentierte  ·   ·  Missbrauch melden

    put back old version of yahoo messenger pls..because i cannot send any messages on new version. Am at a lost..please can i go and send message to old version now. Please i need your prompt reply. Thanks

  • Anonym kommentierte  ·   ·  Missbrauch melden

    superboy oohhhh joy....what a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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