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Need more recent and relevant content.

The Boston major just completed the group stage and there's no recap or mention on it other then a small video on predicts on who's should win it. As a matter of fact, the Eleague finished up recently as well and I can't find any article on it. 95% of the articles on the front page are about Street Fighter or League of Legends. League of Legends is in the off season and the content for that sport should be minimal at best right now.

Bottom line, if you want me to come the site, you relevant and recent content. I want write-ups the next day or 2 days at most. If someone missed the Eleague final or Dota group stages they wouldn't be able to find out what happened on this site. They could find the results, but not the actually events, like the turning points and come backs (IE, Wings losing to Warriors).

Lastly, you just need more content for Dota. By some reports Dota is the first or second most watched sport and you have 3 articles in last 20 days.

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