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1. Not all initial posts and/or replies "stick." Once a comment does not post (Yahoo glitch), it is impossible to re-post it. Very frustrating and discouraging to all Yahoo participants.

2. First replies to an initial post do not "show" until page is refreshed and/or a thumb is clicked on. Also, when replies are opened (on an initial post), if a thumb is then clicked, the replies close. Probably not correct and should be fixed.

3. Reply threads are "upside down." You have to read them from the bottom up to follow the continuity in chronological order.

4. Duplicate "nicknames" and avatars must be prevented . . . largely to stop impostors from making a mockery of other legitimate posters and ruining the Yahoo "experience." Also, to distinguish the different identities of posters with the same name (i.e. There are dozens of "John"s and it can get confusing as to which one is talking). If there _are_ no two identical Email addresses or phone numbers worldwide, Yahoo can fix this problem.

5. The Fantasy and Gambling "stuff" should be put in its own separate section and removed from the _real_ sports information. (See #6 next.)

6. The original one-page sports format (with the comments section included and no gambling and fantasy stuff) should be restored. It is much more concise and simple/easy to use than the "new and (not) improved" version we have to suffer with now. Let the gamblers have their fun in their own section but please let the non-gambling sports fans enjoy their sports without being bombarded by the fantasy/gambling information.

7. When a link to another site is copied and pasted into a reply, it first shows in a box as it appears on the site, but . . . when "Reply" is clicked (an it posts), it omits the original first line of text that had appeared in the box.

8. The "mute" feature is permanent and cannot be reversed. Maybe an "unmute" option could be provided. Because of constant screen "jumping" . . . Mute can be hit by accident and can't be undone.

9. Posters should be prevented from giving their own posts a thumb up or down.

10. I would be nice if there were an "edit" option (to make corrections) for comments (shortly) after they are posted.

11. Flagging spammers doesn't seem to stop them. Does abuse flagging (for any reason) do any good?

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