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NHL Salary Cap, draft pick suggestions and year long league.

I would love for Salary cap to be added to NHL pools. Real world salaries or custom.
Custom: Each GM would determine how many years they want to keep each player on their keeper team and that determines salary (ex. each year adds a million $) at the end of the time frame they have no choice as the player is dropped from their team and they will have to draft new. Unless the FA was a dropped keeper all newly drafted and FA would have to be signed by the GMs acquiring them.
Also, why not keep leagues running throughout the year so trades can be done at any time.
NA players wouldn't count against cap.
Make it so the commish can determine how many draft picks can be traded and can also put a limit on how many keepers can be kept each season.

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    Like the idea of keeping players, but there should be a time limit on keeping the player. It would be unfair for you to have a player like Crosby for the duration of his career. We have a 3 year term limit in our league.
    I like the idea of the salary cap.

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