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autoplay cancel button

I hate the auto play thing that slides down from the top after I watch a show. I watch a show full screen, it ends and it gives two options: watch again or goto hulu. I don't want either so I hit escape. It takes me back to the list and the auto-play thing slides down from top threatening to start some random video I don't want to see. There is no obvious cancel button. Only a minimize button which makes the panel slide away but it still plays the random video? Terrible user experience! I am very disappointed Hulu forced my to use this inferior service. Add a cancel button and/or a flag to disable auto play.

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  • Penguinlay commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Usually, in a show, the ending is the most special moment. Not all the show has the long ending like you would expect. So, the screen go to the bottom right with nothing we can do other than pausing it is horrible. I can't go back to full screen for that last couple of minutes. I need subtitle to watch so it's filling up pretty much half the screen of that bottom popup. It won't happen when I am in full screen, thanks goodness but if I accidentally exit full screen at those last moments, it is all ruined. I have to refresh the video which always leads back to ad. and then the start of the video unlike I hope that feature is removed, or at least make it optional like in YouTube like other has suggested.

  • Michael Bloom commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There should be a "disable-autoplay" flag in your browser's options. I keep it set all the time because pages containing multiple videos would kill the machines's performance, otherwise.

    Unfortunately, when I tried viewing a video in View, I immediately got a message telling me that I must re-enable autoplay in order to view a video in Yahoo View.

    Sorry, Yahoo View, it's not gonna happen!

    Joseph Heller wrote a best-seller about this software in the mid-20th century!

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    How long does it take to gather feedback for this suggestion?? Please have an option to turn off autoplay! I keep waking up to super inapropriate videos or videos that I have no interest in seeing. Please have an autoplay off button. Thanks

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