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Wow Yahoo it looks like you have a big problem and I thought it was just me. Here we go again. When someone comments on a post I made I go to see their reply or what I posted. Then it takes me to a basically blank screen. I am unable to see anything at all. It's not the end of the world, just frustrating because the purpose for the notifications section is to actually see notifications. I actually like the app, but would like it better if it actually did what is intended to do. PLEASE FIX.

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    I understand that we can mute and report innapropriate comments, but this is not good enough. If you are going to shove the comments in our face on the phone app, at the very least you can filter the comments. I can't possibly report every racist, sexist thing. Not to mention these disgusting comments are the top voted, because it's mostly the wildly racist that feel the need to comment. I'm so done with this!!!! I have very little faith in the world because of Yahoo. Disgusting and you guys condone it, whether you think so or not. Get these comments out of my face, or condemn the people making them!

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