1. Stop asking me to accept the new privacy terms  ·  Reviewed

  2. agree with the response below , much preferred the old format  ·  Reviewed

  3. PLEASE revert back to the old design. ASAP.

  4. change font size  ·  Reviewed

  5. Give us the option to chose weither or not we want our personal data to be shared!!!  ·  Reviewed

  6. Comments shut down for Survey?  ·  Reviewed

  7. Please either fix or get rid of the "Trade Column you added to 'My Portfolio' Now, copy &paste of the stock results is a messa mess  ·  Reviewed

  8. Yahoo Finance Portfolio missing ticker data  ·  Reviewed

  9. Graphs of market data inaccurate.  ·  Completed

  10. Data accuracy for Hi-P International Ltd.  ·  Reviewed

  11. My emails have just can you guys do that ..this is the oldest email id i have been using ..all my data has just disappeared

  12. This new design is broken and does not show me all of my mail.  ·  Reviewed

  13. Read your suggestions. How can so many people post complaints about the same issues with no response from Yahoo?  ·  Reviewed

  14. Stop the video auto play!!!!!!!!  ·  Completed

  15. Prefered the Yahoo before where you could easily see in Historical data what the dividend was plus the other complaints are-change back  ·  Reviewed

  16. Add More Crypto  ·  Completed

  17. Ads negatively affect responsive design  ·  Reviewed

  18. improve by showing the full screen not only the most recent emails  ·  Reviewed

  19. Stocks iOS app displaying incorrect data for BBD.B-TO  ·  Reviewed

  20. Portfolio analysis and optimization tools  ·  Reviewed

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