1. Add bats Left or Right Info to matchup ratings  ·  Gathering feedback

  2. Allow for recovery of erased emails from back-ups  ·  Gathering feedback

  3. emails gone  ·  Responded

  4. can it get worse! YES! Deletes messages while I am reading them. Losing messages that have LEGAL importance. STOP it.  ·  Reviewed

  5. Pls get my yahoo previous maill restored, l lost all my data.pls help yahoo.thanks.  ·  Reviewed

  6. Stop Pushing Your Political Agenda  ·  Reviewed

  7. Missing emails  ·  Responded

  8. Don't read my emails, Yahoo (Oath)!  ·  Responded

  9. Why can’t I view or comment on my posts or view other posts?  ·  Reviewed

  10. Social API queries not returning Access-Control-Allow-Origin response header

  11. Iphone Voice Over query.  ·  Reviewed

  12. Please correct missing data  ·  Completed

  13. Way too many stories in the news feed. It would be nice to be returned to the story, rather than a random spot.  ·  Reviewed

  14. The Washington Examiner is not legitimate "news" - it is just conservative propaganda  ·  Gathering feedback

  15. You should be able to edit bench slots after draft  ·  Gathering feedback

  16. Please fix Yahoo Content Preferences - please for the love of all that is right in the world!  ·  Reviewed

  17. Get a better quoting system - indices quotes are all from yesterday  ·  Completed

  18. All my old mail and data was removed from my account  ·  Reviewed

  19. Option to Roster full lineups everyday... No matter what.  ·  Gathering feedback

  20. Is Yahoo down this morning?  ·  Completed

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