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    Seriously, I am a retired developer and am certain that I could easily set up a filter to allow your customers to block emails by domain even though I have no direct knowledge of your system internals. The path is already there since you allow users to block specific emails, so just set up a filter that allows specific domains to be blocked the same way, can't be that difficult. I get 10-30 emails daily from ".xyz" which are all junk that mostly all go to my spam box which I then use your block function (don't know if that is really working since I really don't have time to cross reference), only to have the domain slightly change the address and send the same **** again, and again, and again......THIS OPTION IS NOT WORKING! Like other users I am all but ready to find another email provider, fix this or lose me, I shouldn't be subject to emails from a domain that will never have anything of value to me. And there are others that I would like to completely block as well. Take a look at ".xyz", add it to your emails, see how you feel. It is hard to believe that users have been trying to make YahooMail engineers aware of this issue since at least January16,2016, and nothing has been done. Hire me as a temp, I'll bet I could take care of it in less then day, heck I'll do it for free, just give me assess.

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