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    Anonymous commented  · 

    OK, I get it. Yahoo must make more money by forwarding people to other sites, like NBC Sports. The problem with that is reading isn't as fast and too many sites think that a site is better when it has a ton of pictures. The list of articles under a sports team has become less dense (vertical density) due to the number of irrelevant pictures.

    Most of us want to read stories, not look at pictures. Video replays are nice but the pictures attached to each article just mean that each article needs more verticle space. Remove the picture and article summaries can be more dense.

    Please also make the articles relevant. I can't find any of the old Warriors articles anymore by CSN Bay Area writers.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    I like to read Warriors news frequently. My main problem with the old format was that I could only see about 8 articles and sometimes an article would scroll off the list before I could read it. Now, I get almost unlimited articles, but the relevance is almost zero. Most Warriors articles might mention the Warriors but they aren't relevant to the Warriors, at least not to a high degree.

    In particular, I used to read almost every article written by a CSN Bay Area writer. I don't find a single one of their articles now and most articles are not primarily about the Warriors.

    Also, while some may like extensive use of graphics, I like reading. I intentionally DO NOT USE because I do not like all the pictures/graphics/videos. When I go to CNN, I stop the videos and just read because I can read faster than the video plays.

    If I had my way, I would leave videos but not have them play automatically. I would also have the MOST RELEVANT stories at the top, not the most recent which just mention a team. Obviously, the people working at Yahoo Sports are not sports readers or have tried too hard to bring in ads.

    Ads are OK to have (I want Yahoo to continue as a company!), but make articles more relevant and reduce the gratuitous pictures.

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