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    Diana commented  · 

    I love the way you ask for me to fill out a survey, BEFORE I have even looked at the groups. I saw it was different, didn't like it, and was interested in filling out the survey when I was DONE. But, no, you ask the questions first. I gave pretty good answers for all the items on the survey. I have just spent time in the group, and it *****. I wish I had never filled out the survey - it looks like I iike the new page. I DONT - I WANT THE RIGHT TO KEEP THE OLD VIEW! Even Google gave me that option when they came out with a new format. I have been an active user of groups for many years, even moderate a few. If this doesn't change, I will not be back, and that is a sad disservice to the people who are using the groups for support during difficult times. And that is what most of my groups are - people helping people. How can you help people if it takes forever to find a ***** thing. GO BACK TO THE OLD WAY!

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