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    Les commented  · 

    Give us the old version back. The new scoreboard is terrible. I follow hockey and have 6 teams on my scoreboard list. As soon a one of them is playing and the game ends, the score disappears off the scoreboard and is replaced by some football or basketball score. If I wanted to follow those sports, I would put the teams in my list. I don't follow those other sports but they prevent me from even seeing the scores for the hockey teams I watch.
    The finance pane no longer will show my portfolio total. I have to go to my portfolio, click on the performance tab and wait while it loads in order to see my portfolio value each day.

    The old My Yahoo was truly a better system and much less intrusive. At least give us the option of going back to the old one or staying with the new one. Worst mistake I've made on a computer in ages was going to the new version. Come on Yahoo, listen to your loyal users who have been around for years. I'm going shopping for a new home page set up soon and it won't be at Yahoo.

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