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    Hey there,

    We appreciate the feedback we’ve receive thus far with regards to the new My Yahoo layout and features.

    We’re continually developing new product concepts to bring great experiences to our users. We’d love to hear more feedback about the design changes you’re seeing. Feel free to continue posting here with any additional feedback.


    Kev commented  · 

    People have complained since Yahoo removed the buttons on the bottom of the preview window for a long time now....the buttons to delete email from the preview window for instance, without having to open Yahoo Mail.

    Suddenly, they were back. That was great. Now they are gone again!

    What gives? Bring back the buttons so we don't have to open Yahoo Mail just to delete one message, and allow us, as we were able to do in the past, to simply go to our My Yahoo page, preview our mail, and delete from there any messages we know we're not ever going to read even if we open Yahoo Mail!

    It's so simple. It makes using Yahoo Mail better. It makes having My Yahoo as a homepage better.

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