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    Yahoo finance keeps asking us “Have you upgraded your Yahoo portfolio? You can keep track of all your brokerage accounts, automatically.” Well here is the deal, we don’t trust you with our Brokerage Accounts. Maybe, just maybe if you fix the web site to the previous high standards or better, than maybe we will have a look at linking our broker accounts. Right now you can’t link the title in the home page to My Portfolios and give us an accurate account of how our accounts are doing.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    I figured out a work around from this portfolio craziness. I set up a bookmark category called Portfolios with a link to each of my portfolios. I now have a direct link to my portfolio on my front page with one click. It was a work around because they got rid of the direct link from the title of the front page to your portfolio. Now today something new, they have blocked the ability to open bookmarks in a new window. You now have to leave the front page to go to your link. PUT IT BACK

    Anonymous commented  · 

    WARNING WARNING I just got a message on the top of my paid AT&T Yahoo site that they are changing as of March 31, 2014. I pay $133 per year for the privilege of having Yahoo email and the dynamic stock portfolio front page that all of you used to enjoy. I thought since I paid they would keep the portfolio the way it was. But no, if they change and get rid of the front page portfolio format I will cancel my subscription. Are you listening Yahoo.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    On the Stock Portfolios front page column, a couple of small fixes would go a long way to making this work. 1) Make a link from the title of each Portfolio to the corresponding My Portfolio. 2.) At the bottom of each portfolio put the total current loss or gain $dollar Amount. Not just a % at top (This is what made the old portfolio a dynamic tool in your investment decisions).

    Anonymous commented  · 

    Time moves on so will Yahoo. The people at Yahoo either don’t understand or they don’t have the talent to get it right. But there is good news MSN Portfolio Manager is fantastic and it’s free.

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