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    Russ Cottrill commented  · 

    Why when yahoo responds they act like the person is the only one in the universe with this issue? Hint YAHOO if the person has the third highest rating from OTHER users you can bet that your simplton plat answer from a customer support cheat sheet is not THE CORRECT solution and THOUSANDS IF NOT more have this problem, when given simplton answers written for a computer neophite those of us looking for a real solution (and we wouldnt contact you for a simple little setting adjustment) are for the most part offended you think so low of us and then get ****** at Yahoo because with thousands of users having real issues with your "services" you never seem to give a real answer or make corrections, dont talk down to us, some (most) of us are quite computer savy, Dont ask for our comments or suggestions or concerns if you dont intend to do anything about the issues, if you would admit it when there is a true issue, listen, and react positively to the users and your customers you would be a giant in the buisness, as it is I do not expect Yahoo to be in buisness in the next 3 to 5 yrs if not sooner.

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