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    Rose Bergman

    It is sad not just Yahoo and now so many others think it is okay to disgrace our president and the people who support him. When Obama was president it was preached that even if we didn't like the man we needed to respect the office. You are all hypocrites. Shame on you, for all the nasty things you do, says more about you than you will ever know, because you are blinded in your hatred.

    BOb BERGMAN commented  · 

    Yahoo, is to the far left in their ideology. They support any movement that opposes normal mainstream opinion, while they think they are the majority, they are only on the fringe.
    Free speech is only for them, all other speech is racist or hateful. They need to study history, SOCIALISM DOESN'T WORK, ask Venezuela. Let's remember Mr. Trump is our president like it or not, and respect should be shown for the office.

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