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    Chris Sherman commented  · 

    @Other-Chris, yes, I want all players to submit waiver claims and have an equal chance of acquiring players with multiple suitors. You are correct in that there would be no cost to make a claim other than the player you have to drop if you win. That could be described as something for nothing, but I don't understand why you feel that is improper.

    Your draft pick order was randomly chosen too (unless your league does a pre-determined order), and cost you nothing if you got a favorable draft position.

    I guess I understand why you might feel that option is a threat if your commish liked it, but you could make that argument with hundreds of configuration choices on fantasy football.

    For example, I hate when waiver wire position is in reverse-standings order. I think it's ridiculous to reward poor drafters with the best pickups (at no cost, mind you), but it is nonetheless an option. If my commissioner likes that option, my argument is with her/him, not with Yahoo to remove the option.

    If you really can't resolve your difficulties with your commissioner, you should consider starting your own league to have control.

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    Chris Sherman commented  · 

    Chris, i don't think you read my initial request, I'm looking for "No Cost" AND no reason to wake up early for FA's. On that note I'm not sure what you think "lottery" means. No one wins the Powerball by being first in line for a ticket.

    Also, we're talking about *Fantasy* Football, so not sure why "Real World" is of any impact whatsoever. Furthermore, the NFL could adopt this strategy, and it would be perfectly reasonable. The NBA has a weighted lottery for draft picks and the world didn't end.

    The only downside is that, probabilistically, some players would get multiple players they covet while some would miss out entirely, which would appear like cheating to those less familiar with statistical concepts, even if governed by pure chance.

    Finally, I'm requesting an opt-in feature, so if you hate it, just don't opt-in with your league. No need to be a troll.

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    Chris Sherman commented  · 

    Dan, that also still carries a cost for using a waiver claim

    Chris Sherman supported this idea  · 
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    Chris Sherman commented  · 

    A pure lottery isn't available in league settings. That is what I am requesting be an option.

    I appreciate why people might like rolling waivers, but it still institutes a cost for using a waiver.

    For me, using a waiver on a change of defense or a change on my worst bench spot isn't worth using up my waiver position in my league with disciplined managers, so my league submits waivers for important players and then everyone works to get up early on Wednesday to grab the bench-stashes.

    I just think it would be nice to have an available league setting for pure lottery so there is not cost to submitting all of your wants via waivers.

    And I'd imagine this is an option that wouldn't be hard to implement in the system.

    Chris Sherman shared this idea  · 

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