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Change single event out of a repetition

Sometimes it happens that you want to change the date and/or time of an event, that is an item of a series of regular events. E.g. you have a regular meeting every first mondy in a month. But in May there is a bank holiday, so the meeting should be postponed to tuesday.
Right now, this is not possible, without affecting all the other events of that series.

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  • bclee commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You can change a single date of a series. Click on the event for that day, edit it, and then when saving it will ask if the changes are only for that day, all future event days or all the days past present and future.

    Sometimes the edit fails and you have to do it more than once. Sometimes you end up with 2 events, one original and one modified. It's not reliably predictable as to what results you'll receive, especially with regard to automatic reminders.

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