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Improve workflow for unmoderating members in "Moderated for new members" groups

To help prevent spam, many groups are set to "Moderated for new members". But when members show they are real and do a good post, it is a lot of work to unmoderate them.

When moderating posts on a "Moderated for new members" group, it would be a HUGE workflow improvement if there was a single click option to approve a post and at the same time switch that member to "Default Group Policy"

Otherwise as you approve moderated posts, you need to perform 8 steps to switch them and then get to the next post to approve.

1) copy their email address,
2) go to "Management/Manage Members"
3) paste their email address into search box
4) press find button
5) click on their member record
6) click on the "Posting Privileges" pop up menu to select "Default Group Policy"
7) press the Save button
8) then switch back to the window where you are moderating posts

This makes unmoderating members a lot of work.

Also it would be good if you could mass find all the moderated members who had been members for longer than say a month and switch them to "Default Group Policy" if they have been members in good standing. Currently there is no way to do this other than manually paging through all the members -- very tedious.


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