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People want to delete their OWN questions. LET US

It is so wrong that we cannot delete things we have posted. I had not idea I couldn’t delete my questions till it was too late. Anonymity means nothing. Questions asked are personal to the person who asked them and should have EVERY RIGHT to remove them. I can’t stress enough how upset I am with yahoo and the lack of available customer service and now the inability to delete our own questions. Please consider the people using your product and not just your stats or whatever it is that inclined you to remove the delete button. Till this problem is fixed I will not be using that feature. I put info up that people who know me could know I said it and I wanted a one time deal of posting and deleting a question when I got an answer. This NEEDS to be resolved I cannot stress this enough. It’s unfare, not safe, and overall selfish of Yahoo to claim our words and keep them up taking away our rights to remove them. Yahoo you are violating our privacy by not allowing us to remove info WE put up.

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    Well, you could create trouble by some sort of spam or against guidelines L whatever that is" and they could report and ban account services on Answers, removing all questions and answers to that user, but it belongs to email address as well, which you could also lose, so be careful,

      Yahoo! " Answers "was not designed as "pay for" site, it is free help services, and there was a time when user could remove question or answer within limiter time, but they changed that cause of gaming misuse,
    Also some users would ask question like homework, receive answer and delete promptly right away, stealing some users time and efforts to detailed query response, so it was unfair to Answerer to take time for answer explaining details, then have Asker delete query, scammy cheat .

    I cant even use Answers now cause of false reporting by bias one sided Verizon AOL team politically correct bindings,

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    I 100% agree. That’s not okay. I had a friend who came across this issue a long while back where there was accidental personal info put up and they could not take it down. Yahoo should have fixed this years ago. I’m sorry you’re going through this too I’m really irritated as well.

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    I feel very deceived and unsafe. I have info out there I wish to take down and now apparently I don’t have that right. Please.

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    Also there isn’t a way to contact yahoo about this they make you pay a monthly fee for “help”. All of this is so wrong.

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