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Even if Yahoo can not afford a full time staff for YA why not choose unpaid moderators?

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    We have unpaid moderators, by the way, via a Facebook Group. We are small, but are recruiting.
    It's a voluntary group.
    I can be "reached" at uuunttt at yahoo dot com

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    They had them, Sir. You know of The_Kool_Kat, certainly. There was one other whose name escapes me. AH! er name was Ella!
    Between the two, they were contracted as volunteers to handle the duties of the section of Y!A Team that dealt with abuse issues - were, in fact, granted full powers.
    There were two chat rooms established - one a top secret room wherein a dozen or so VERY responsible reporters brought troll issues before that room for dispensation.
    There was, under the Green Format, a top secret tool (called "Pipes")created by Y!AT wherein one could cut the pertinent section of a user's URL, run it through the Pipe and gain instant access to a user's Q&A. When these Top of the Top Reporters discovered troll accounts it was at Ella or Kool Kat's discretion to instantly delete accounts. There was also a "Banned Troll List" whose accounts were fed into the chat room, those accounts took an immediate departure. Both ladies' contracts were terminated w/o justification nor explanation. Koo Kat passed away some short time later.
    Why we CANNOT have such a thing NOW is clearly due to the negligence Y! Inc. has for this division.

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